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Undies!  We all wear them – OK so maybe some people go commando but we won’t go there –  but mostly we all reach for a fresh clean pair of undies each morning.

Are you the parent who struggles to get your little ones to wear undies?

Endures endless complaints about uncomfortable / scratchy / digging in underwear?

Sick of watching your little ones continuously picking undies out of their bottom?

We understand your pain and thats why our undies are different!  We make them from premium quality cotton / lycra jersey from fun prints, and a 100% organic cotton gusset lining.  Our undies are individually hand cut and sewn right here in Brisbane.

They are elastic free, and seams are sewn with lingerie threads to provide a soft finish.  Labels are soft satin – and if that still causes issue, of course let us know at checkout and we can leave them off your order.

Be warned though – they “won’t-wear-anything-else” after they wear our undies, so best to pop several pair in the cart – otherwise you’ll be washing every night!

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